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At Kaleidoscope International our aim is to create opportunities to inspire individuals, whether they be students or seasoned professionals, to see the supply chain as the premier career of choice. The supply chain, while crucial to the success of any business, is also a complex area, and many people are perhaps put off from entering it as a career, or if they have made their first steps into this field, have little idea how to progress in it.

As supply chain experts, with in-depth knowledge of the subject, and years of helping to train and motivate others, we understand both the issues sketched out above, and the rewards a successful career in this important field can be. We also have the expertise required to get you on the right path, by providing the training you need to begin, or continue a rewarding career in supply chain management. 







To this end, we look for novel opportunities as well as tried and trusted methods to help people to see supply chain management with fresh eyes, or from a new perspective; or to re-evaluate their career, re-focus, regain motivation; or simply to learn new skills, and encounter new challenges. We, in-house, also get the chance to share our knowledge and inspire others, get to know new people, all while enjoying the experience.

The 2020 Swiss Supply Chain Simulation Event provided an unmissable opportunity to forward some of these aims: inspiring a new generation of people to look at the supply chain with fresh eyes, learn and apply new skills – by employing simulation modelling to resolve supply chain challenges – all while creating an innovative, enjoyable competition between teams of students, and giving us the opportunity to share our expertise with a group of enthusiastic young people!


We launched the Swiss Supply Chain Simulation Event on the weekend of 28th and 29th November 2020 with the help of OST University in Switzerland and our colleagues at SCM Globe who provide “engaging, educational, and entertaining” supply chain management simulation technology in the form of a simulation app.

The event was open to any intrepid student with the desire to push forward the boundaries of their knowledge, engage in team work and who were willing to participate in a challenging, stimulating event. Very brave indeed!




Applied Science University
The First - Entrepeneur

To our knowledge, this was the first competition of its kind to take place in Switzerland: a virtual competition created by a supply chain business, Kaleidoscope International, for the benefit of students at all levels. Students, working in teams, battled with other students across Switzerland, testing their knowledge of the supply chain, using their problem-solving skills, presentation skills and communication skills, having fun and winning prizes in the process.

 Students were presented with case studies and given 24 hours to solve real-world supply chain problems using the simple-to-use simulation tool from SCM Globe, and coming up with the best solution in terms of routes, warehousing, transport, efficiency, time and cost savings. The learning outcomes for the students were many, varied and valuable. However, the use of simulation modelling, at the heart of this contest, enabled students to clearly see how businesses can effectively use modelling to evaluate their operating performance before deploying a strategy, and to understand the increasingly important place simulation modelling has for managing the supply chain in today’s global market.

The hard work and dedication put in by our in-house team, together with their innovation and creativity to enable this unique challenge to take place, combined with our fantastic student participants, learners willing to give up their weekend to engage wholeheartedly in this challenge, provided the energy and enthusiasm to pull off a very rewarding and successful weekend. Kaleidoscope International thanks all the students that took part to make the 2020 Swiss Supply Chain Simulation Event a wonderful experience

What's Next

So, what’s next at Kaleidoscope International?


Kaleidoscope International is committed to offering you first class educational material to motivate and educate. We are therefore excited to bring you a unique opportunity to participate in our 2-day Warehouse seminar taking place from Saturday 26 February to Sunday 27 February 2021.


The course features lectures from two expert instructors, Stefan Rusu and Jan De Kimpe, as well as a guest speaker, a robotics entrepreneur. But this is also a participant-led seminar and thus extremely practical and of huge value to current practitioners. Facilitator-led breakout sessions will be run so that participants’ own current challenges at work can be explored and addressed using the technologies introduced in the course. Our instructors will also bring you a fascinating challenge of their own, by taking you into the future, 2050 – to be precise – and asking you to envisage what warehousing will look like in this era. By setting the scene and exploring the future together, the seminar will consider all the emerging technologies that we now need to prepare and invest time for.


This weekend online training event is for advanced warehouse practitioners.


 2021 Warehouse Course for Advanced Warehouse Practitioners by Stefan Rusu and Jan De Kimpe. 500 Euro/Participant.

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