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We work every day with executives and managers who want to improve the profitability of their operations, add value for shareholders, and improve the services they offer by providing operational execution that leverages deep industry experience.

Our consultants have extensive hands-on experience in all levels of the supply chain at home and abroad.

When training is needed, our consultants guide you through operational optimization using a compelling story-telling method that brings out rich details and opportunities for learning that elevate the message and provide a better impact.

Anyone can talk – we make sure you learn.

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Our Storytellers


Over twenty years’ experience of designing, managing and delivering complex supply chain and business turnaround programmes. He has held senior led positions in large multinationals and is a Board adviser to SMEs within the Healthcare and Customer Services Industry primarily in Switzerland, UK and North America.

A solution orientated leader with Global, international scope and experience. Works at Board level to develop and deliver high impact change within time and budget. Typical project examples include business turnaround, supply chain strategy and implementation, cost reduction and performance improvement.

Led Global Order To Cash (OTC) /Customer Service in one of the largest M&As in the Beauty Industry. International Commercial Business leader within global multinational Performance Coating responsible for Commercial Strategy, Customer Service, Pricing and E-Commerce Strategy.

James has a BSc Pharmacology, MSc in Operational Research and is Lean /6 sigma black belt trained.


Is a Customer focused Supply Chain Business Leader, Mentor, and Educator.  

Robert has expert knowledge in S&OP, Demand Planning, Customer Service, and has owned and lead teams in Promotional Development, Accounts Payables, Logistics, and New Product Development.

He is extremely adept at crisis management and leading large teams that bring companies and divisions together through harmoniously integrating Master-data, processed, tools, and most important of all, People.

Robert has lead and developed teams in several industry sectors, with a major focus in Beauty, and including Fragrance and Cosmetics, Semiconductor, Office Equipment, and Banking.

He is passionate about building high performing sustainable teams, that can operate autonomously with a shared vision.


Arantza Elizagarate is an all-rounded Supply Chain Executive with over 20 years of experience
designing and implementing successful end-to-end transformations in complex business
environments globally. She has held global senior positions in blue-chip companies across FMCG, Pharma, and Retail sectors. She is highly skilled in the area of Change Management at the C-suite level.

An expert in the procurement of goods and services, she helps today companies boost their profits by developing robust purchasing strategies. She is fierce and passionate about productivity improvements with high ethical standards. She achieves that through detailed portfolio analysis, market segmentation, activity-based costing techniques, cost reduction improvement programs, and the implementation of strategic contracts with suppliers. Her motto is, “it all starts with leverage.” A seasoned trainer, she teaches both organizations and individuals worldwide how to increase their leverage and improve their negotiation skills to reach their goals.

Arantza holds a BSc in Business Economics and a Master in Business Administration and is a lean/6 sigma green belt trained.


Stephen Varey is our Principle AI Board Advisor and pioneer in AI with more than 30 years experience. Steve is also a technical leader in other state of the art technologies working in finance, aerospace, defense, manufacturing and supply chain finance.

Stephen has experience of global technology program management and large scale R&D initiatives though his primary specialisation is in AI – knowledge representation and reasoning systems.


Developed AI planning and diagnostic systems for space applications.

Designed and architected an expert fault resolution system for use in water treatment plants. With over 1,500 nominations in 2019, AI Breakthrough Awards recognized his work with first prize in most innovative use of AI whilst working as European Lead AI architect for Cognizant.

Developed AI based naval command and control system for nuclear and conventional threat detection and response.

Developed diagnostic and planning systems for industrial control industry sector (power distribution and management and telephone exchange fault detection)

Multiple assignments over many years introducing state of art technology to companies.



B Sc. in Computer Science, Warwick, UK

PhD. In AI/Knowledge Based Systems, Teesside , UK (On going, part time)


A scientist, chemical engineer, financial expert and entrepreneur, Nicholas started his career at
Roche Pharmaceuticals in Research and later in Global Business Development focusing on M&A and licensing. At the Italian pharmaceutical company, Recordati, he was Director of International Business Development. Later, Nicholas moved into the finance sector at the French finance group, Credit Agricole Indosuez Cheuvreux as head of the Biotech broker team. Nicholas was a member of the management team of BB Biotech and later portfolio manager at Adamant Biomedical Investments both in Switzerland, specialising in investments in Australia, Asia and South Africa, and venture capital.

Nicholas is a Founder and Director of Cederberg GmbH, a Swiss pharmaceutical marketing and
distribution company, and Founder of Nurevas International, a food (and fortified foods)
production and marketing company, with operations in Switzerland and Ghana and with sales
across West Africa. He is an Entrepreneur in Residence to Lancaster University in both the U.K.
and Ghana, an Entrepreneur in Residence to Emory University in the US and a mentor to the
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme in the UK amongst other responsibilities. He is a Director and Chief Strategy Officer at the Eugene Gasana Jr Foundation. Nicholas currently advises a number of young enterprises around the world on strategy, financing and operations. Nicholas’s primary interests lie in healthcare and nutrition.

Nicholas holds a Bsc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Natal, South Africa, a PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK, in Biochemical Engineering, and an MBA from the
University of Warwick, UK.

Storyteller Jan De Kimpe


Is a Supply Chain Expert combining advisory, education and project management. His focus is on finished product distribution, but Jan also has credentials in production environments. He assists clients for reaching cost and service level targets, working on distribution concepts and network design, transportation solutions, warehousing and inventory (keeping) policies.

 Jan has, through his university and advisory activities, a broad cross-functional view on supply chain and consequences of supply chain decisions. He understands very well the link between logistics/supply chain and commercial management. ​His approach is process and data driven, working towards solutions that have a business case. He is very knowledgeable in physical and logical warehouse automation evaluation.

Jan has worked and consulted in several industry sectors (FMCG, Health & Beauty, Electronics, e-commerce, Pet Food, Aftermarket Spare Parts,…) mainly in Europe for over 30 years. He speaks fluently Dutch, English and French and has notions
of German. 

His passion remains working out solutions that meet preset
targets and work for the people and an organisation.

Stefan Rusu


Stefan is a multilingual first-in-class MBA and PhD, technology- and business-driven leader with
fourteen years of international expertise in supply chain / logistics and manufacturing automation, innovation, consulting, program and product management, across multiple industries such as life sciences (pharma, medical devices), automotive, e-commerce and software development. 

Having lived and worked in several countries, Stefan equally delves into education and training, as a Guest Lecturer at his old business school in France – Neoma, as an Instructor for the Belgian chapter of APICS, as well as a Thesis Coach for the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. 

In consequence, he believes in the continuous and constructive development and sharing of
knowledge and expertise, from the state-of-the-art of good technology, talent and business
practices, to their progressive and futuristic art-of-the-possible.

John Wellwood


John is the managing director of 100% Effective, which launched in 1999.

He started the company based on his extensive experience as an international Master Black Belt working with companies across several continents and spanning several decades.

He has first-hand experience training thousands of people in Lean Six Sigma, and has seen the organisations he worked with generate millions of pounds in savings as a result of his training and consultancy.

Mike Titchen


As a skilled Master Black Belt, Mike has been delivering Lean Six Sigma training to all
levels for 17 years, and has been immersed in Process Excellence for nearly two decades.

He has trained thousands of delegates, delivered training and consultancy across a variety of industries around the world and has been personally responsible for identifying millions of pounds worth of savings.

His industry experience includes manufacturing, engineering, financial services and professional services.

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