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We work every day with executives and managers who want to improve the profitability of their operations, add value for shareholders, and improve the services they offer by providing operational execution that leverages deep industry experience.

Our consultants have extensive hands-on experience in all levels of the supply chain at home and abroad.

When training is needed, our consultants guide you through operational optimization using a compelling story-telling method that brings out rich details and opportunities for learning that elevate the message and provide a better impact.

Anyone can talk – we make sure you learn.

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Our Storytellers


Hi, I’m James Amoah, an Executive Coach with proven success in delivering supply chain and enterprise-wide transformations for clients across multiple industries.

Starting Kaleidoscope was a journey, just like anything else in life. As CEO, I work at board level with enterprises – providing clear cost reduction, performance improvement, and business turnaround strategies – that deliver sustainable impact within time and budget.

My coaching style hones a solution-orientated approach that draws on modern processes in shaping business turnaround strategies across multiple sectors. Clients value the strategic depth and nuanced perspective I bring to building efficient supply chain networks.

It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and something I’ve been able to implement for enterprise clients across the globe. With a bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, a Master’s in Operational Research, and a certification in Lean Six Sigma Green, I am focused on helping clients manage the complexity of transforming their supply chains into future-ready supply chain networks.


Hi, I’m Robert, a seasoned Supply Chain Business Leader, Mentor, and Educator.

Building a workplace culture where high-performing teams work together with a common goal has always been a guiding principle of my career. As a supply chain expert, I extract the most value for clients by managing supply chain operations efficiently through improved demand planning and S&OP.


I’ve leveraged my experience and expertise to assist companies across the beauty, fragrance, cosmetics, and banking sectors, leading client teams to peak performance. My coaching process combines the transformative power of master data, processes, tools, and people to unlock human potential at enterprise, group, and individual levels. With my customer-oriented approach, I am ready to bring the best innovative experiences that deliver supply chain transformations for my clients.


Hi, I’m Arantza Elizagarate – an all-rounded supply chain consultant with over 20 years of experience assisting companies to drive transformational impact.

My dedication to sustainable business transformation has guided me in advising a portfolio of blue-chip companies across the FMCG, Pharma, and Retail sectors. My work covers a range of procurement and change management scenarios, including portfolio analysis, strategy execution, market segmentation, and activity-based costing.

With real-world experience in driving profitability through robust purchasing strategies, I bring an action-oriented approach to driving business outcomes that are highly ethical and sustainable.

My passion for leveraging business wins remains crucial to helping clients achieve sustainable success. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics and a Master’s in Business Administration. I am also trained in lean/6 sigma green belt.



Hi, I’m Stephen Varey, a Principal Board Advisor with a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence and how it can make supply chains unbelievably smart. 

For 30 years across multiple industries, I’ve channeled my experience in knowledge representation and reasoning systems to implement global technology programs and large-scale R&D initiatives across the globe. My coaching style is very hands-on, drawing on my background in building several ground-breaking planning and diagnostic systems.

Over time, my work has been widely recognized by many prestigious awards, including AI Breakthrough Awards. Professionally, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration. I’m also working on my Ph.D. in AI/Knowledge Based Systems from Teesside, UK.


Hi, I’m Dr. Nicholas, a seasoned consultant empowering C-level executives to create and thrive in lives they love.

My professional journey started as an organizational consultant in the Pharma sector, where I led successful M&A before transitioning to the finance sector. Following a fantastic career at Credit Agricole Indosuez Cheuvreux, I decided to channel my expertise and experience into the entrepreneurial world.

A highlight from my journey was when I launched Cederberg GmbH and Nurevas International – two companies with highly successful operations in Switzerland and Ghana. After witnessing this astonishing success, I decided to share my experience with others.

My coaching process combines processes and models from my background as a scientist, chemical engineer, financial expert, and entrepreneur.

Clients value my dynamic and interactive style, which allows me to quickly build high levels of trust and understanding. My dedication to growth and finding solutions has guided me in advising a portfolio of young enterprises worldwide on strategy, financing, and operations.

I have a B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Natal, South Africa, and an MBA from the University of Warwick, UK. I also have a Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Storyteller Jan De Kimpe


I am a Supply Chain Consultant focusing on advisory, education, and project management.

Efficient product distribution is critical for proper supply chain operations. As a Supply Chain Consultant, I help companies shape and formulate strategies that ensure effective product distribution. In my experience, I have found data to be a great tool; however, it is nothing without proper analysis and application. 

My coaching style incorporates this guiding principle allowing me to build models that spur efficient distribution networks, transport solutions, warehousing, ethical inventory policies, and optimum cost and service level targets.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve channeled my extensive experience to drive supply chain transformations across multiple industry sectors, including FMCG, Health & Beauty, Electronics, e-commerce, Pet Food, and Aftermarket Spare Parts across Europe. On a personal note, I’m very fluent in Dutch, English, and French and currently working on my German.


Stefan Rusu


I’m Stefan, a tech and business-driven leader with over 14 years of experience assisting clients in driving end-to-end transformations.

Having driven high-value outcomes, my mission with Kaleidoscope is to help clients transform their supply chains into future-ready supply chain networks.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients across the life sciences (pharma, medical devices), automotive, e-commerce, and software development industries. As much as I enjoy being a student of life, sharing my knowledge with others remains a core aspect of our life.

In my contributions as a Guest Lecturer, I stress the progressive and futuristic value of leading-edge technology, talent, and business practices, to their advanced and futuristic art. I hold a master’s and a doctorate in technology.

John Wellwood


Hi, I’m John,

My coaching journey is powered by a keen interest in helping companies build agile supply chain networks that can drive growth and profitability. After driving global results for companies, I leveraged my experience to start my own company, Effective. 

Over the past decade, I have worked with companies to resolve complex business and cross-business unit challenges. My expertise as a management consultant has seen market results in millions of pounds for clients across multiple industry sectors.


Mike Titchen


I am a Supply Chain Consultant with industry experience across manufacturing, engineering, financial, and professional services. Cost optimization has been a driving force in my professional life, and I see it as a vital aspect of enabling successful business transformation.

My management experience has allowed me to assist other leaders in reimagining, building, and operating sustainable supply chain networks. With Master Black Belt, I focus on helping companies drive supply chain transformations across the board.

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