Stephen Varey is our Principle AI Board Advisor and pioneer in AI with more than 30 years experience. Steve is also a technical leader in other state of the art technologies working in finance, aerospace, defense, manufacturing and supply chain finance.

Stephen has experience of global technology program management and large scale R&D initiatives though his primary specialisation is in AI – knowledge representation and reasoning systems.


Developed AI planning and diagnostic systems for space applications.

Designed and architected an expert fault resolution system for use in water treatment plants. With over 1,500 nominations in 2019, AI Breakthrough Awards recognized his work with first prize in most innovative use of AI whilst working as European Lead AI architect for Cognizant.

Developed AI based naval command and control system for nuclear and conventional threat detection and response.

Developed diagnostic and planning systems for industrial control industry sector (power distribution and management and telephone exchange fault detection)

Multiple assignments over many years introducing state of art technology to companies.


B Sc. in Computer Science, Warwick, UK

PhD. In AI/Knowledge Based Systems, Teesside , UK (On going, part time)


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