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Warehousing Course

2021 Warehousing Course

Run by Jan de Kimpe & Stefan Rusu

For an introduction to the world of Supply Chain and Warehousing. 

Price 500 €/participant

Minumum 5 Participants 

February 26 & 27

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Swiss Challenge QA

2020 Swiss Supply Chain Simulation Event

Q&A Session with James Amoah, organiser and CEO of Kaleidoscope International .

For an introduction to our Supply Chain Simulation and the simulation tool you will be using for the challenge.

November 26 at 19:00

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2020 Swiss Supply Chain Simulation Event

Challenge Day! 

 Join us to better your Supply Chain knowledge and participate in a live Challenge. Organised with the help of OST University, Switzerland. 

November 28 2020 at 11:00

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