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Read these astounding supply chain books to master the technique and grow your business exponentially. Our collection of top-class books is widely regarded as the best way to learn the principles of supply chain management and run a successful business. Our collection of books includes books like Devil in the Chain, Chaotic Butterfly, and many more to come.

Devil in the Chain


A Supply Chain Management Business Thriller

Devil In The Chain is a powerful business thriller set in England and Ghana about the passionate attempts of a family-led company in the international chocolate trade to save their endangered business by applying the principles of supply chain management, from the classic 7 Principles to simulation modeling to kaizen to storytelling and more.
Chaotic Butterfly - Supply Chain Management Book


A Supply Chain Management Business Thriller

The Anans, a close-knit family of entrepreneurs forging a history-making international business, clash again with a sadistic criminal mastermind bent on global domination. Their battle takes a cast of characters ranging from street children and radical hackers to passionate CEO’s and mysterious hit men; from straitjacketed lunatics and Russian Mafiosi to Chinese security forces and Interpol operatives; from the death cults of the wretched of the earth to the beautiful people on the most glittering heights of wealth, influence and power; plunging them and you the reader into a careening avalanche of thrilling excitement and action.

Chaotic Butterfly–the second volume of James Amoah’s celebrated Supply Chain trilogy–follows the first book in the series, Devil In The Chain, to steer the reader through some of the darkest and most critical aspects of the way the world works now, ranging from global corporate espionage, supply chain disruptions of critical industries, revolutionary blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation, and the ever-looming reality of pandemic bioterrorism. The story fearlessly addresses the reality of political and economic manipulation by the elite, while making clear the extraordinary power and looming threat of apocalyptic emerging technologies like AI.

From the moment that a fiery inferno in Ghana destroyed Michael Anan’s wife and child, he and his family have struggled to build a new and better world for themselves and all working people. But now global players with intricate and evil designs of their own want to pervert their life’s work to further their own twisted ends. The family’s defiance puts their very lives on the line as they endure harrowing car chases and horrific plane crashes, experience high romance and violent terror, fighting to the end to unravel the mystery behind the violent deaths and disappearances of their loved ones and colleagues.

And when the truth is finally revealed, Michael Anan, his wife Naomi, and his children Jo, Jacob, and Benjamin, will face the greatest danger yet, and it may well cost them—and the world— everything.

Chaotic Butterfly. Let your imagination take wing!

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