Supply chains should be viewed as a strategic asset within a business. Effective supply chains are therefore central to business performance. Core to our services is a knowledge driven and pragmatic consulting approach.

We focus on helping our clients develop a Supply Chain Strategy that is a competitive advantage for the entire business. Strategy considers the key components and answers to

Customer Service Strategy

  • Do you really understand what your customer wants?
  • Is there a clear segmentation of customer Volume & Profitability?

Channel Strategy

  • How will you get your products to market?
  • Will you sell directly to customers or via distributors?

Operations Strategy

  • Will you make product in house to order or to stock
  • Will you Outsource Manufacturing

Network and Footprint Strategy

  • What are the constraints driving your current set up?
  • Are you building a global, regional or country model

Outsourcing Strategy

  • Are you clear on your Strategic differentiators ?
  • What is of low strategic importance for your core business



The Supply Chain Strategy development process starts with reviewing the current situation closely with our customers.

Rethinking of assumptions with senior supply chain and business leaders in an unconstrained way that answers the question of what winning would look like if we were starting a greenfield operation. We call this “Kaleidoscope Unconstrained” and is all about designing to win. Hence the leaders consider the ideal product portfolio, the most collaborative supplier base with people operating with the right knowledge, skills and functional expertise, utilising the most effective tools and techniques and delivering a product and service to their customers via the most optimal route. This approach can identify or highlight real customer value. Value is a competitive differentiator, defined by our customers and measurable against defined criteria (the PSI2 criteria).

Together with our clients we then develop and design new strategies and solutions, and create a Kaleidoscope roadmap for effective and efficient implementation.