Big Data Analytics

Today, competitive business strategies must be able to execute in making ‘the right’ decisions at the right time. This means having near real-time data as part of the business process, with source systems and the operational intelligence platforms having the same data. Building an agile and resilient supply chain within your business, with enhanced decision making, improved service levels and a reduction in overall business costs and risks can be a reality.
Envisage knowing, whenever you wanted to know, the inventory levels and mix across your business, the status of orders in process, the latest demand forecast, the exact amount of goods in transit, the latest transport status of a specific containers. Business and supply chain managers will be empowered and more responsive to time sensitive challenges and opportunities.

We focus on 5 Abilities:

  • Visibility – ability to monitor supply chain events as they occur
  • Flexibility – ability to adapt to changes to provide maximum customer satisfaction whilst minimising operational costs
  • Optimisation – ability to continuously analyse and improve based on latest demand data and trends
  • Collaboration – ability to work closely with customers and suppliers up and down the supply chain to identify risks and opportunities early
  • Control – ability to monitor capabilities and control mechanisms to ensure adherence.

Our engagement includes:

  • Current state and future state analysis to kick start the execution of client Big Data projects
  • Recommendation on best environment for client implementation
  • Migration support to move to better platform
  • Engagement at client site working with raw data, testing and delivering customer use case
  • Integration of data sets – external, new and traditional sources
  • Scale up on solid foundation to handle bigger volume, users and workload intensity
  • Provide Business Insights from operationalized Big Data
  • Change management support on transforming the business processes needed to optimise identified opportunities