Viability of proposed project is
determined; Scope and approach to deliver desired output. All parties agree on why project is needed; What it intends to achieve and individual responsibilities in that achievement



Creation of a central plan is created before works gets underway. Decision to launch the project with the client begins with review of detailed plan . Duration of this phase is dependent on complexity of the project.



Implementation to deliver project plan objectives with ongoing completion and review of all actions



Formal project sign off and confirmation that all deliverables against original plan have been met.

Our approach is totally collaborative, with a firm eye on the future of your business. We believe that the strategies we develop together should be integrated into your work processes without disruption.

To this end, we work to ensure that the implementation stage of any consultancy is clearly mapped out and understood by everyone involved. And if you need assistance with implementation, we will remain ‘hands-on’ – right to the end of the project and beyond.

We don’t just walk away when our recommendations have been delivered.

Our independence allows us to remain objective and gives us the freedom to innovate and work intuitively when the need arises; independence means we have no need to deliver off-the-shelf solutions or sell formulaic diagnostic products.

Our approach is based on flexibility, and we tailor our methods according to each client’s requirements. We use proven tools and techniques, including fact-based diagnostics, with organisational, process, KPIs and infrastructure viewpoints. As appropriate.